about me

My name is Julio Wong-Smith. I am currently a Honors student at UC Irvine (super-senior). I approach school a little differently than most people and my work has attracted quite a bit of attention from peers and faculty. I try to add a little bit of my personal flair to my work instead of merely regurgitating the facts that the professor went over in lecture. I try to stay original and creative, and try to avoid becoming “just another student.” I want teachers to remember my work years down the road, even if they were never able to meet me in person. It’s just my little way of leaving my mark on the world.

People always ask me about my name. It’s rather unusual, by some standards, but again, I like the fact that people will remember it because it’s different. I also know that many people find it odd that my last name doesn’t seem to match my parents’ ethnicities. But there’s a reason for that: I’m adopted, and those aren’t my real parents. I was raised in a town in Wyoming, some little place that no one has ever heard of (the town, not Wyoming). My real parents owned their own ranch, the Wong-Smith Ranch, where they raised cattle. I loved watching my dad wrangle up the cattle when I was younger. One time, he even showed me how to throw a lasso! But when I was nine years old, my entire family was killed in a tragic accident. I hate talking about it, so I won’t go into details. Lucky for me, I was at a friend’s house that day. I just wish I had gotten to say goodbye to my family before they were taken from me. Anyways, I was adopted by some friends of the family, who wanted to make sure that I was taken care of. I didn’t want to change my name, though some people suggested I should. I wanted to keep my last name, because it was the only thing I had to remember my family by. My new family soon decided to move out west to California. It was really exciting, because I had never seen the ocean before. And that’s where I have lived ever since: Long Beach, California. It’s totally awesome out here. I don’t think I could ever move back to the Midwest.

And that's my story. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

- Julio