essay contest!

Second Annual Julio Wong-Smith Essay Contest (2009)

In honor of my birthday, the first of April, JaM Productions has again decided to sponsor the second annual "Julio Wong-Smith Essay Contest!"  Think of this as a creative break from the monotony of academic life, along with some prizes to get your creative juices flowing.  Mmm... juice...  There will be several hundred dollars of cash awarded to the most awesome participants.  Now I know what you're thinking, "A $100 scholarship will barely buy me a textbook!"  But you see, you're totally missing the point.  This is soooo not a scholarship contest.  This is an essay contest.  That means that your prize money goes straight in your pocket and you can spend it on the things that your little heart (or big heart) truly desires.  Dude, you can buy a lot of candy with $100. Or video games. Or a stuffed panda! Or a giant pickle on a stick! So you see, this is actually a very good prize. Click here to read the full contest rules.

Good Luck!
Julio Wong-Smith