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Third Annual Julio Wong-Smith Essay Contest (2010)

I can hardly believe another year has gone by! That means that it's time for the third annual "Julio Wong-Smith Essay Contest!" Shout-out to JaM Productions for generously agreeing to sponsor the contest again! If you are skeptical as to why you should participate in this contest, allow me to persuade you. When was the last time you read an essay that made you smile? Laugh? Has reading an essay ever made you happy? Made you want to read it again? Not since my contest last year, you say? Well then, there you have it! This contest is about bringing joy to everyone. So be sure to submit an essay and spread the joy! Oh, and did I mention there are cash prizes? This contest is totally worth your time. Trust me. Click here to read the full contest rules and get started!

Good Luck!
Julio Wong-Smith